Safety Rules
Elm City Gun Club

1. All members and guests must sign-in. Members are responsible, at all times, for their guests.
2. All firearm muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction when being carried. When on the firing line, muzzles must be pointed down range.
3. All actions must be open and visible with ejection port facing upward. Cylinders open and unloaded when on the bench.
4. Only load your firearm when you are ready to use it.
5. Do not leave a loaded firearm unattended.
6. Eye and ear protection must be worn while on the range.
7. A cease-fire must be called and the distance stated that you want to go forward to.  When agreed upon by all shooters, all actions must be open and unloaded and everyone must be behind the yellow line before the line is declared safe. The lights and flag must be used. There is absolutely no handling of a firearm during a cease-fire.
8. .50 caliber or armor-piercing bullets are not to be used at steel silhouette plates.
9. Only approved targets are to be used (no bottles, cans etc.).
10. The use of profanity towards other members or guests is prohibited.
11. All shooting must be from behind the firing line unless otherwise approved.
12. Check with PDC range and trap before going out to 50 or 100 yards. All long guns / shotguns are prohibited on PDC range, except for .22 rifles.
13. The use of metal-jacket bullets at steel plates on the PDC range is prohibited.
14. No shooting of any wild (or domestic) animals.
15. Make sure firearms are safe before leaving and police areas pick up brass, bring targets in, etc.